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For any arts project, it is important that the subject matter is both inspiring and something that each individual can relate to. Careful planning and consultations with groups prior to activity can help shape the project and provide an understanding of the groups’ needs. The different types of heritage give scope to develop thought-provoking ideas which can be presented through the arts.

Selecting the right stimuli

Stimuli can be defined as something that interests the mind, or incites activity.

Every town, whether rural or urban, has buildings and places that exist for the benefit of the community. Libraries, parks, places of worship, hospitals, town halls, sports centres and theatres all offer potential for exciting learning that helps students engage with where they live.

Think creatively about how you could make the most of the public buildings and spaces around your home.

Many offer fantastic opportunities for cross-curricular learning and most will be happy to get the community involved.

Opposite are some ideas to get you started. Stimuli for dance compositions can be auditory, visual, ideational, tactile or kinaesthetic. Your stimuli should influence movement ideas and create an overall theme for your piece.

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