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Castle Project

The castle project set out to use the heritage knowledge collected over the past five years to feed into a new site-specific dance work inspired by Skipton Castle.

The project was inclusive to members of the community of all ages.

Skipton Castle was chosen as the site around which to build the work because of its large appeal to all ages and interests.

Visually, castles form a natural theatrical setting and have an array of winding rooms and grounds to use as a gigantic studio. Their great walls have witnessed the coming and going of Lords and Lairds, of great warriors and noblemen.

With all pieces of choreography it is the subject matter, and quality of stimuli, that are the most important things to get right. To be a good choreographer one must inspire the dancers, and provide a working atmosphere that will allow quality and creative activity to flourish.

The company began by researching castle history; its people and the lifestyle that surrounded it. It was decided to focus on mediaeval pleasures and pastimes, and it was paramount that the dancers would not simply become mediaeval characters, but would embody the essence of the lifestyle – the humour and horror of everyday lives as well as using social dance and games to bring the themes together.

The Artistic Director envisaged that the piece would have fragmented narratives, abstracted in places, with common themes to which an audience without knowledge of dance could relate. It was also important that this contemporary dance piece presented a living experience. She set out to change the way in which dance is commonly viewed through a promenade performance, one which audiences could dip in and out of, and which they could watch whilst relaxing in the grounds of the castle, capturing moments of the dance on their travels.



GALLERY 1 - 'My Castle'
GALLERY 2 - 'Day of Dance for All Ages '
FILM CLIP - 'My Castle'