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Rural Bingley

Telling Tales was a two year arts and heritage project with the main aim of working with the local and wider community of Cottingley and Bingley to explore, share and celebrate local and personal heritage and bring people of all ages and backgrounds together.


Three Interviews from tea dance group at Cottingley Cornerstone Centre.


Dotty: The working day started reight early, (Lucy) In fact it started in t’middle o’ neet,
It started wi’ sound of Knocker-Ups clogs Going clack, clickerty clack up street.

Rose: Knocker-Up round our way was called Sally,
(Georgia) It was a woman who got ‘em all out o’bed, She didn’t need a stick with all t’wires at end, Her clogs would have wakened t’dead.

Victoria: I used to wonder why a woman did this job, (Lauren) She was out t’rain, hail and sleet, I used to wonder who wakened her up, Or if she stayed up all neet.

Louise: Soon t’mill buzzer ‘ud start to blow, (Naomi) You’ve never heard such a row,
It used to rattle all pots in t’cubourd, And all dogs ‘ud start to howl.

Abbey: And mill lasses ‘ud go pattering past, (Sophie) There’d be Mothers and Aunties and Sisters,
There’d be Menders and blenders and Perchers,
And Bobbing-liggers, Doffers and Twisters.

Amy: Lifes blood o’mill were these lassies, ( ) Working from morning to neet, Allus laughing and joking, Especially on Friday neet.

Text by Anyo Jones

Victoria (Lauren): My Bradford was a rolling, beautiful landscape.

Louise (Naomi): My Bradford was transformed into a sea of Textile Mills.

Rose (Georgia): My Bradford was the fastest growing town in the UK.

Abbey (Sophie): My Bradford was the worsted Capital of the World.

Amy ( ): My Bradford was Nicknamed Wordstedopolis.

All the Cast: Wordstedopolis?
Amy ( ): Wordstedopolis.
Dotty (Lucy): My Bradford was filled with thousands of workers from all over the word.

All Cast: Our Bradford at Cottingley Worsted Mill.

Text by Ascendance Youth Group

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