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Age Inclusive Practice

This report follows the completion of a research & development project which has contributed to the development of Ascendance Rep's heritage work within the arts. A culmination of the work was taken to Cottingley Cornerstone Centre to engage the residents of Bingley.

"In summer 2010 I worked with a cast of 13 dancers from 5 years to 68 years over a 3-week period to create a professional dance company for a new site-specific dance piece at Skipton Castle. The piece was performed on Sat 21st Aug 2010 at Skipton Castle and 22nd Aug at Knaresborough Castles. This was perhaps the most inspiring and rewarding project I have undertaken."

Rachel Wesson, Artistc Director

I have worked with numerous community groups of different ages and, although I never labelled them as such, many of these have been cross-generational projects. When I started thinking about my previous work, I began considering the boundaries placed upon our professional dancers, and the assumptions I had made when recruiting dancers in the past. I went on to think about the importance of professional practice, and how it infiltrates into community-led work. This is where the idea for a new dance company began.

Throughout this report I have researched and reflected on the work of other practitioners who have worked with dancers of all ages and put this together with a Case Study of my own experiences through the Castle project. I have discussed these in relation to professional and community practice; its benefits and struggles together with methodologies employed during the creative process."





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