Now; Ascendance Rep Youth Dance Company use the link below to find out how to get involved.
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Coming Soon; Following the success of Ascendance Rep’s Cathedral Tour and Inner Spaces, exploring the country’s heritage, the company is now embarking on a new project “Brighter Yorkshire, Brighter Futures”. You’ll be able to find out more information on the website in the near future.

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Here you can find all information about Ascendance Rep's past, present and future dance project opportunities. Scroll down this page for summary information about these projects, and use the menus above to comment on and access everything else you need to know.

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We'll also keep you informed on this website about other exciting dance projects you may be able to get involved with.

Inner Spaces Project
Inner Space image Integrating over 150 young people from around Yorkshire, Inner Spaces gave all involved the opportunity to further understand their local churches; the historical significance and architectural beauty of the buildings and how they shape their community and heritage. Dancing in churches?
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