St. Michael's Church, Cherry Burton

Built in Nineteenth Century: in 1852-3, Built in the Early Decorated Style, A peal of three bells

A Brief History

Built at a cost of about 2000, consisting of a chancel, a nave, north and south aisles, porch and embattled western tower containing a clock and three bells. The foundation stone was laid by Miss Burton, and the last stone of the tower by Mr Robert Vickers of Cherry Burton. The Church stands on 40 acres of land.

Features of the Church

The pulpit and font are of carved stone, and several of the windows are stained glass, three of which are memorials. The interior was thoroughly restored in 1890, and a brass eagle lectern added by the patron in memory of his wife. Previous to the church, a chantry stood in the same place, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The oldest register here dates back to 1647 but contains entries copied from 1561.

Story from the Community

Stories children at Cherry Burton School discovered about the church: "In the late 19th century he servants used to sit in their own section at the bak of the church, just behind the doors. The bell sits in the top corner of the church when the rope hung down waiting to be rung. One Sunday the servants were sitting in their section when the bell fell and landed on a poor lady's head. Unfortunately she died. This section has now been made safe and blocked up."

"Years ago when vicars went to the pulpit to preach they would time themselves using an hour glass. When all the sand had fallen through they would know that it was time to stop. Now there was one vicar called Reverend Thomas Mickelthwaite who soon got himself a nickname. He would take no notice of the hour glass and his sermons would go on and on! When the congregations finally went home they would find their roast dinners burnt! This happened a few times and the vicar soon became known as "burnt roast" vicar!

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St. Michael's Church, Cherry Burton

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